Leica Point & Shoot

Leica Minilux Death by E02 / 5 Frames with a Beautiful Brick – By Bill Thoo

I have owned a Leica Minilux for more than 20 years. The truth, though, is that I am not a compact camera kind of guy. The Minilux was the antithesis of my then shooting philosophy. It is a fixed lens, fixed focal length, metal skinned, compact camera, and I loved my interchangeable lens, almost always plastic cameras. Back then I mostly shot with a Minolta SLR and the kit standard zoom it came with. I sometimes even changed up to the kit telezoom with all its glorious chromatic aberrations that was so satisfying to look through, and so disappointing to get back from the minilabs. It is probably why I shot one roll through the Minilux on a 10 week road trip and about eighty rolls through the Minolta. That one roll through the Minilux though was amazing. I still remember how shocked I was by how sharp those images were. And then the Minilux went into the cupboard, well looked after as neglected cameras often are.

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