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Lomo LC-A

Lomo LC-A – a one-roll / 15-year review

The Lomo LC-A is, without much doubt one of the most well known Soviet cameras. Despite being what basically amounts to a very basic, fairly low quality, point & shoot camera, the long term influence its had on the film photography community and industry is fairly huge.. but, there’s load online about all that stuff. As such, I thought I’d write a bit about my personal experiences with this camera – experiences that span at around 15 years and range from initial distaste to me eventually deciding – thanks to shooting only one roll with it – that my latest Lomo LC-A is a keeper!

The Lomo LC-A

Lomo LC-A – 7 Alternatives to the Classic Lomo – by Alan Duncan

The Lomo LC-A has become the iconic ‘marmite’ camera of our times. Whether you love or hate this Soviet era zone focus compact and what it has come to stand for (or not) – there is no denying its popularity and the fact it has become one of the more expensive 2nd hand compacts out there at times rivalling the cost of the Legendary Stylus Epic. But there are alternatives……

Lomo LC-A+ Review – love it or hate it…. or both? – by Frank Lehnen

I am crazy! I’m a sucker for new gear, I’m a G.A.S. victim if there ever was one, but what’s more, I’m a G.A.S. victim that has amazingly little money for the moment… and still I go for stupid stuff like the Lomo LC-A+ from Lomography. I had a real Lomo LC-A, the old one, the …

Lomo LC-A+ Review – love it or hate it…. or both? – by Frank Lehnen Read More

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