Lomography 32mm Minitar

Leica M6, Lomography Minitar

5 Frames with a Leica M6, Lomochrome Purple, and a Lomography Minitar-1 Art Lens – By Marco Diaz

More often than not, inspiration can be found in the unusual pairing. The way a great restaurant might surprise you by combining two seemingly disparate food types. Or two seemingly incongruous musical artists can come together and knock out a killer album. And so it was this type of thinking that led me to buy a Lomo Minitar lens for my Leica M6, and digital Leica ME (the original ME was an M9 with a slightly different casing and no frame line preview switch). Having had an original Lomo LC-A back in the day I was curious what it might perform like on a Leica.

5 Frames with the Lomography Minitar Art Lens – by Barnaby Nutt

Saturday 24th of March saw the ‘Beers and Cameras’ photowalk around Birmingham, brought about by our hosts Richard, Robert James, Martin ‘Photowalk.Me’ Smith and a certain Hamish Gill of this parish. The idea was that photowalkers would meet in a café at lunchtime, wander the streets of the UK’s second city taking pictures and stopping off for a beer or two along the way before something to eat (and some more beer) in the evening.

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