Lomography Metropolis

5 Frames with Lomography Metropolis, an OM-2n on the central plains of Kansas – Ruralopolis

The first week of June I made a 3 night, 700 mile trip from my home outside Indianapolis, IN to Wichita, KS.  I had images in a curated exhibition at the Midwest Center for Photography and I wanted to take in the First Friday opening.  The MWCP runs several open calls throughout the course of …

5 Frames with Lomography Metropolis, an OM-2n on the central plains of Kansas – Ruralopolis Read More

First of the roll - Céu in Oslo at Cosmopolite

Céu in Oslo on a Small Rangefinder Camera – By Hugo Vasconcelos

I am an enthusiastic Brazilian photographer, people and music lover, since I moved to Ireland in 2015 my passion about photography went to that level when you can’t stop documenting the experiences of living in a foreign country, shooting friends, local people, festivals and many small gigs around Dublin.

A few years ago I decided to go into the magic of film photography and get my first analog camera, I did a good research online and found the Olympus 35RC in a very good condition, a beautiful and manual rangefinder of a similar size/weight to the digital Fuji X100T I used to carry with me. The Olympus is beautiful and easy to use, an incredibly sharp 42mm lens quality, just perfect for travelling and documenting anything  without being noticed, so I learned many things about film photography on that one, a lot of mistakes but I always carried it with me.

Shooting Film And Digital in Athens – By Charles Higham

I’ve just read Sroyon’s excellent post about how many cameras to take on holiday and it reminded me of a pre-pandemic trip I made to Greece when I had to make similar decisions in terms of camera choices. I wanted to shoot film but also it seemed sensible to carry a digital camera too.

As I was going to Athens for just a few days I packed everything I needed for my visit into a bag the right maximum dimensions for carry-on cabin luggage, so a good reason to keep photography equipment to a minimum. I planned to walk around the city with one camera loaded with colour film, another with black and white, and use either depending on the situation. I also decided to take my  Panasonic GM1 micro four thirds sensor compact and of course a phone.

Cement works in Höver near Hannover, Germany, captured on Lomography Purple film.

Lomography Purple and Metropolis Films: Goin’ Weird – by Christian Schroeder

Lomography Purple and Metropolis are two special films made to spice up our film photographer’s lives. The first one, Purple, can offer bizarre false color representations, somewhat reminiscent of color infrared film like the godfather Kodak Aerochrome. The second one, Metropolis, provides a cool desaturated look that takes you back in time. In this article, I’m going to report on my first experiences with the two fellas. It is one of these “subjective impressions rather than a scientific review”-pieces – you know the drill.

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