This is my favorite so far of all the images created with the cámara galleria.

5 Sheets of Cámara Galletita Lumen Photos – By Sonny Rosenberg

The Cámara Galletita Lumen is always a bit difficult for me to explain, but it’s antecedents are, I think, a bit more straightforward.

I first heard of the Cámara Galletita in this excellent article on Casual Photophile by Sroyon Mukherjee. In essence, the Cámara Galletita is a pinhole camera with a cracker for a “lens”, a cracker camera. I was immediately intrigued with the idea of a cracker camera and the images of the very funky homemade cracker cameras presented in the article. I definitely wanted to make one, but I had other things at the time that needed attention. Still, I filed it in the back of my mind.