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Plaubel Makina 67

Plaubel Makina 67 Review – the Beginning and end of my Journey into Medium Format

The Plaubel Makina 67 is a camera that I’ve long struggled to justify, but that simultaneously has on multiple occasions, given me the worst cases of gear acquisition syndrome I can recall! It’s medium format, which I rarely have a desire to shoot, yet I’ve always felt that if I was to shoot the format more it would be with one of these. The reputation of the lens, the size of the camera, it’s simplicity, the fact that it’s a rangefinder, and even it’s beautiful German functionalist design make for the perfect storm of ideal features for me… so in the end I buckled and bought one – but as a dedicated 35mm photographer and medium format sceptic, was it the right choice?

Zeiss Ikonta 524/2 review – Slow the working down – By Oliver Clarke

I recently discovered this beautiful Ikonta 524/2 in a box at my parents’ house. At first I dismissed it, as I thought it would be too much hassle finding /re-spooling the right film. However, at a second glance, I was delighted to see that this 524/2 model takes 120 film, which is of course easily available. I decided to challenge myself to use the camera and find out if and how it worked. My expectations were not particularly high and I expected at least something to be broken or faulty. Turns out I was very wrong.

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