Minolta Point & Shoot

Minolta Freedom Zoom 160

Minolta Freedom Zoom 160 Date Review – A Highly Sophisticated Focusing System – By Thang Nguyen

Out of focus pictures have always been a major problem with film any point & shoot camera. Unlike an SLR with the ability to give you a preview of the final result, with a compact camera, in-focus pictures rely heavily on the autofocus mechanism. While the autofocus system in compact cameras has gotten better over time, mis-focusing is still unfortunately inevitable.

Point and Shoot Shootout on a Budget – By Dan Marinelli

Summertime is the best time for cheap point-and-shoot cameras for me. Stuff em with some color film, throw em in a pocket, go on vacation, take pictures, have fun. I don’t want to fuss with focus or exposure, I don’t want to worry about losing or breaking them, I just want to seamlessly capture images of my family and our adventures. Last summer I decided to run a little shootout to discover which cameras I liked shooting best and which ones had the best images. I really only considered cameras available for $100 or less and here’s what I came up with.

Minolta AF 35R Quartz Date

Minolta AF 35R QD Review – A Brief Encounter – by Taylor Ervin

Earlier this year I decided to start taking analog photography more seriously. I work in Television (for money), and independently, I produce documentaries and short films. I was looking to analog photography as a way to sharpen my eye for composition and to broaden my understanding of exposure. For years I’ve taken snaps with my father’s Canon AV-1 which he bought new in 1979, but I was never very rigorous in my approach to photography.

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