Nikon F3

A picture of a roll of Kentmere 400 black and white film

5 frames with Nikon F3P and Kentmere 400 – By Hans Gustafsson

Arrived in a hotel room shortly after 11pm on a monday  after a 5 hour drive. I’m fortunate to drive a very comfortable car so despite being a bit tired from a long drive after a working day, I wasn’t ready for bed just yet. Also there was a heatwave at the time so an hour or two of ventilating the room seemed like plan. I decided to load my F3P with a new aquaintance, Kentmere Pan 400, and start writing this post.

Nikon f3

5 Frames with the Nikon F3 and Portra 400 – By John Fromstein

My father was a sort of gadget freak back in the ‘60’s when gadgets weren’t even a thing. He was always getting us gadgets for birthday gifts. For example, on my 25th birthday he gave me a personal electronic label maker. Wow. He would also buy himself gadgets. I remember he had a Rolleiflex TLR and a subminiature Minox; but he was not much of a photographer and definitely not a spy. So they both just sat around the house for me to play with. Ultimately mother threw away my dad’s cameras, along with my label maker.

5 Frames with Silbersalz Daylight Films in Berlin – By Thorsten Wulff

I guess most of you may have heard about Silbersalz, the Kodak Vision3 motion picture film repurposed for 35mm photography. The continuing love of Hollywood kept the analog Kodak cinema business alive and a lot of directors prefer to shoot their films on the emulsion. Quentin Tarantino used it for ‘Once Upon a Time in Hollywood’, as did Christopher Nolan for ‘Dunkirk’ and Sam Mendes on his Bond outing, ‘Spectre’.

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