Nikon FE

Giza Pyramids

Cairo, Egypt with a Nikon FE, 20mm Lens and Cinestill 50 – By Felix I Flores Rodriguez

Egypt is one of the fifty-four countries on the African continent. One of the most famous cities around the world is Cairo, which has served as an inspiration to one thousand and one dreams. I will not bore you with information about this great continent, country, or city. I advise placing Africa, Egypt, and Cairo on your bucket list of places to visit. This article will discuss my experiences in this beautiful place and the dos and don’ts I discovered.

Nikon FE + TMAX 100

5 Frames with TMAX 100 – Learning to develop Black and White Film – by Alex Vye

One Christmas, early in my marriage, I ended up spending Christmas at my in-laws house, which was in a different city from the one I lived in. Due to a mix-up caused by the logistical nightmare of bringing a newborn baby with all it’s day-to-day stuff and all the Christmas gifts to another city in a tiny car, I ended up at the in-laws house for several days with a single gift for myself, from my parents, Ansel Adams’ “Basic Techniques of Photography, Book II”.

Hunting boat

Appreciating what you already have with Nikon FE and Fuji C200 – By Jesper Reiche

Every Christmas I spent time with my parents that still live in a little town called Præstø, where I grew up. It is situated a little under 100 km south of Copenhagen.

I usually spend some extra days there relaxing in my childhood home together with my parents and enjoy all the amazing food served by them. But in order to have room for it all, I usually take my camera with me for a lot of walks around the town. As I grew up there and still visit a number of times during the year, finding new things or angles to photograph can be challenging. This day where these images were taken however the weather handed me a lot of motives on a silver platter. All I had to do was show up.

5 Frames with Delta 3200 and a Nikon FE – By Jamie Winder

I have a habit of picking up rolls of film that I’d like to try, without necessarily having a purpose in mind. Even once I’ve filled my airtight plastic tub, I buy more rolls faster than I can shoot them. I do the same with books: buy the ones that interest me when I see them (in case I don’t see them again), then spend the next 3 months flicking at my phone whilst they pile up. I’m trying to be better; at some point, I will shoot only HP5 and FP4, or so I tell myself. In the meantime, I have a tub of film to get through.

5 Frames with a Nikon FE and Ektar 100 (A Walk in Canadian Woods) – By Alex Vye

My favourite time of year is the fall, autumn, with all it’s brisk colours, the crispness of the air, and the pervasive feeling of new beginnings. Fall is the start of the new school year, with new friends and professors, before you have fallen behind on your studies. Fall is when it is warm enough to walk outside without a coat yet cool enough that you can walk forever.

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