Olympus 35rc

Olympus 35RC and a Couple Rolls of Kodak Ultramax – The Radical Retro Red Vacation

I took two vacations when I was young.  I never recall being disappointed about it, but looking back with a lifetime of experience I realize it was the best my single mother could do at the time.  I was fortunate. The first came when I was 14.  Mom wanted to go back to Minnesota and …

Olympus 35RC and a Couple Rolls of Kodak Ultramax – The Radical Retro Red Vacation Read More

A Whole Month/Whole Roll – The Olympus 35RC and Ilford HP5+

There’s something magical about the first roll developed in a new camera. The cathartic release of weeks (in this case, a month) of anxiety is almost unmatched (I don’t have kids though, so maybe that will top it). I started taking pictures on my girlfriend’s grandfather’s Pentax K1000 that had been sitting in her childhood …

A Whole Month/Whole Roll – The Olympus 35RC and Ilford HP5+ Read More

First of the roll - Céu in Oslo at Cosmopolite

Céu in Oslo on a Small Rangefinder Camera – By Hugo Vasconcelos

I am an enthusiastic Brazilian photographer, people and music lover, since I moved to Ireland in 2015 my passion about photography went to that level when you can’t stop documenting the experiences of living in a foreign country, shooting friends, local people, festivals and many small gigs around Dublin.

A few years ago I decided to go into the magic of film photography and get my first analog camera, I did a good research online and found the Olympus 35RC in a very good condition, a beautiful and manual rangefinder of a similar size/weight to the digital Fuji X100T I used to carry with me. The Olympus is beautiful and easy to use, an incredibly sharp 42mm lens quality, just perfect for travelling and documenting anything  without being noticed, so I learned many things about film photography on that one, a lot of mistakes but I always carried it with me.

Olympus 35RC – A Travelling Review – By Andy Larner

The invite dropped into my whatsapp in early February last year. Stag-do in Budapest! Long weekend! Now, I’m a habitual traveler, I love traveling and the majority of my photography falls in with that. I shoot quickly and on the move. A stag-do though poses a specific problem… Late nights, (possible) seedy bars, clubs and ‘activities’. So what camera do I take? Do I take my beloved Yashica Lynx? No it’s way too big and obvious despite being perfect for night photography.

5 Frames with an Olympus 35RC on Lomography 800 in Bogotá – by Bob Witteman

A lot of photographers can relate to the dilemma that arises on what gear to bring when you start planning your trip. For me going to Colombia the issue of safety happened to be a factor on deciding what camera to bring. It was around that time I had recently acquired a Leica M6 which as streetphotographer suited me perfectly and obviously was going to be a candidate.

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