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5 Frames With An Olympus 35 RC – by Julian Higgs

May 3, 2018

Following on from my revelation with the Olympus Trip 35 I was hooked. I started reading numerous blogs and posts from different authors and the recommendation of a Olympus 35 RC rangefinder camera kept on coming up. Most notably on this very 35mmc blog and on Ken Rockwell‘s site. Eventually the GAS took over. I simply had to have one, I watched several on eBay, bid and lost them all.

Having mentioned that I was on the lookout for one to a colleague, I was greeted with the words every old camera hunter longs to hear. “I think I’ve got one at home you can have for £20.00”. After re-attaching his hand, he duly came in the next day with it. Sadly, there appeared to be an issue with the rangefinder, it was sticky and the patch did not return to zero after focusing. 

I tried unsuccessfully to investigate it myself, that’s a story in itself, and managed to damage the mirror in the process. I capitulated and took it to the excellent Luton Camera Centre for a full service and battery conversion for a very reasonable £90.00 including VAT. Bargain! What I received back was a beautiful, fully serviced, repaired and converted gem of a camera, and in my opinion the Olympus 35RC is my perfect pocket film camera.

I have used this camera for family events, street, holidays and even on my documentary project that is still in process. I have shot colour and black and white, and while some results were less pleasing than others, most were amazing! Colours are vibrant, focus sharp and clear. The shutter is quiet and discreet, making it very stealthy.

I still haven’t managed to work out the correct way to manually shoot this consistently, any tips on that front would be gratefully received. However, given the results in auto, I may not bother.

Have a look at these few images and see if you agree.

Fence Bobbins on walk in Bedfordshire

Fence Bobbins, walking the byways of Bedfordshire
Agfa Vista 200 post production in Snapseed

Wig Sellers - Los Christianos Tenerife

Wig sellers of Los Christianos Modern Market, Tenerife. The moment the camera came out the dancing started.
Agfa Vista 200

Rug Sellers, Los Christianos, Tenerife

No Photo! Rug sellers at Modern Market, Los Christianos, Tenerife.
Agfa Vista 200

My Granddaughter at our daughters birthday meal

No one will see me if I’m quick, Granddaughter at our daughters birthday meal.
Agfa Vista 200 and post production in Snapseed

Grandson at Warwick Castle

For balance our Grandson on a trip to Warwick Castle.
Lomo 400 Film as scanned

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  • Reply
    John A Bennett
    May 4, 2018 at 1:13 pm

    Nice photos, Julian. A friend gave me an Olympus 35RC 15 years ago, which I used sporadically.

    Little more than a year ago, I dug it out again, and returned to film shooting. Within a few months, I had sold my last digital camera (a Fujifilm X100T), and acquired two Olympus OM-1n(s), two Olympus XA(s), and a massive Mamiya RB67.

    This spring I enrolled in a darkroom class at my local college, and have starting printing again for the first time in decades. Life has never been better! And it all started with the Olympus 35RC.

    • Reply
      May 4, 2018 at 1:23 pm

      Hi John, it really is a lovely little camera, so neat and discreet.
      I have also fallen down the Olympus rabbit hole, with an OM 2n and an OM2SP and a SP, that’s the subject of my next post I think.
      Also I’ve nearly finished a darkroom, just need some chemicals and paper now.
      The RB67 sounds interesting?

  • Reply
    John A Bennett
    May 4, 2018 at 1:29 pm

    The RB67 is great for tripod work. I have taken some portraits with it. I lugged it to a cemetery last year, though, and after 45 minutes, my arm was ready to fall off.

    Here’s a tripod shot:


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