Olympus OM4

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AE-1 vs. OM4 – A Viable Alternative to Usual Recommendations – By Michael Allan-Wood

It’s no secret that film has had a significant revival throughout the chaos that was, and still is, COVID-19. Isolation, forced or otherwise, has caused many to take to new hobbies or rekindle long standing ones. Primarily ones that are solitary, like photography.

This is a fantastic boon for those of us already in the hobby, but with global film shortages and an increasing demand for gear (read: film and gear is getting more expensive), what options are available for those of us starting out?

5 Frames with an Olympus Zuiko 55mm f/1.2 – by Thomas Risberg

I’ve been taking pictures for close to 50 years now. I started seriously shooting with a Pentax Spotmatic and soon moved to a Leica M2 that I bought as a demo unit from a small camera shop while traveling in the Austrian Alps. Unfortunately as much as I enjoy buying cameras I also tend to sell them to fund new purchases, so the Pentax and Leica M2 are long gone.

Olympus OM4ti

Olympus OM4Ti review – a ‘compact’ SLR Camera – by Guy

Is the Olympus OM4ti camera relevant for 35mmc? I think so. The word “compact” is relative and open to interpretation. There are compact cars and compact vans for example; a ‘compact 35 mm SLR’ is not an unreasonable concept but it basically boils down to size rather than features…

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