Olympus Rangefinder

Olympus 35RC and a Couple Rolls of Kodak Ultramax – The Radical Retro Red Vacation

I took two vacations when I was young.  I never recall being disappointed about it, but looking back with a lifetime of experience I realize it was the best my single mother could do at the time.  I was fortunate. The first came when I was 14.  Mom wanted to go back to Minnesota and …

Olympus 35RC and a Couple Rolls of Kodak Ultramax – The Radical Retro Red Vacation Read More

Olympus 35 SPn

Olympus 35 SPn – A Review of a Quality Compact – By Bob Janes

The Olympus 35 SPn is a relatively large and quite impressive-looking rangefinder camera. It is about 5 inches/13 cm long, 3 inches/7.5 cm high. At the time it was originally released in 1969 it was probably regarded as compact. When the 35 SPn went out of production in 1976 it was notably bigger than rivals like the Konica Auto S3/35 FE, the Minolta Hi-matic 7sii (and variants) and the Olympus 35 RD, all of which had similar specs.

Olympus 35RC – A Travelling Review – By Andy Larner

The invite dropped into my whatsapp in early February last year. Stag-do in Budapest! Long weekend! Now, I’m a habitual traveler, I love traveling and the majority of my photography falls in with that. I shoot quickly and on the move. A stag-do though poses a specific problem… Late nights, (possible) seedy bars, clubs and ‘activities’. So what camera do I take? Do I take my beloved Yashica Lynx? No it’s way too big and obvious despite being perfect for night photography.

Olympus XA

Olympus XA – Digital Palate Cleansing – By Ed Lara

As much as I love the immediacy of digital photography, I occasionally get overwhelmed and overloaded by the sheer volume of images I take with my digital cameras or my iPhone. Earlier this year, it got so bad that I packed my already pared down set of digital cameras, and got them ready for sale on eBay. In the meantime, I purchased a pair of classic compact 35mm film cameras which I always wanted to have, the Rollie 35SE and the Olympus XA. The XA, in particular, was one of those mythical cameras from my past, but one which I never had a chance to use.

Olympus XA – Shooting a roll in San Francisco – By Jacint

I started shooting film 2 years ago, and in the summer of 2017 decided to go all in and sold all my digital gear. 99.99% of what I shoot is black and white Ilford films and I’m quote happy doing that, most of the time. Last May I was preparing for a trip to San Francisco and I had the feeling it would be great to shoot some colour as well. For this I wanted to pick up a small compact camera to always have handy if I see something where colours are important. 

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