Peak Design

Peak Design Range Pouch (Small) Review

It’s been a while since I pretty much entirely ditched all other strap and bag brands and fully bought into the Peak Design system. Despite this, whilst looking for a little bag to stow a compact camera or a second rangefinder lens, I didn’t think to check the Peak Design offering. I already own a Field Pouch, and just assumed that was the smallest bag they made. Turns out I was wrong. Browsing the Peak Design website one day for something completely disconnected, I discovered the Range Pouch.

Peak Design Everyday Sling 5L – News and mini-review

After my recent review of the Peak strap system, I started contemplating a desire for one of their bigger bags. I’ve not had bag GAS before – it turns out I might be a big fan of this Peak Design kit. Anyway, I’d not committed to any particular idea when the PR chap from Peak got in touch to say he’d sent me a bag to play with. Not just any bag though, this was a preproduction sample of their new Everyday Sling 5L – which just so happens to have been launched today! That’s right folks, this isn’t just a bag mini-review, this is news too!

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