Pentax *ist

5 Frames with my Favorite (Terribly Named) Camera – Pentax *ist, 28mm f/2.8, and Ilford HP5 Plus – Eric L. Woods

The post subject just about covers it, but I will ramble a bit before I post the pictures.

I really like the Pentax *ist. Way more than I expected to if I am honest. And I expected to like it a lot. There is a sentimental Pentax component since my Father first taught me to use an SLR with is Pentax ME Super many years ago as a child. Pentax also makes many of my favorite lenses. Listed some in this post for KEH years ago. I have a couple of other Pentax 35mm cameras (ME Super and SF10), but this is by far my favorite. Though smaller it has the most solid feature set and has very fast and accurate autofocus. Among the best performance of any 35mm film camera I have had or currently own.  On top of that, it is also a camera I purchased for about what I recently spent for a three-pack of Lomography 800 film.

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