Pentax Program A

Pentax Program A – First Impressions Review – By Peter Roberts

When a couple years ago my daughter was given a film camera by her partner’s uncle it was passed to me to check out before she used it. I didn’t know what to expect but  it turned out to be a Pentax Program A. The dust on the gadget bag it came in suggested that it had slumbered under a bed or at the bottom of a wardrobe for some time so I suspected that the first thing it would need would be new light seals. I was not wrong, they were the usual gooey mess and the mirror damper had almost completely disintegrated. That aside, my first impression was that it was vaguely akin to my Minolta XD7. Same size, same black finish wearing at the rub points on the edges, even the same amount of dust in the pentaprism.