22 February, 2024

Creativity vs Originality

By Andrea Monti

Is the photo above creative? Is it original? Well… yes and no. It is certainly original because I ‘in person’ took it, and it is creative because – regar...

13 February, 2024

Exploring Urban Exploration Photography

By Paul David Smith

Urban exploration photography is a captivating genre that encapsulates the essence of forgotten or unseen urban spaces. Exploring abandoned buildings, derelict structures, and f...

24 December, 2023

A Bout of GAS, and a Rediscovered Pentax Q7

By Hamish Gill

I took my Pentax Q7 for a couple of Christmassy evenings out in town with the kids in the run up to Christmas. I took it out because it ended up finding its way to being the clo...

14 November, 2023

Confessions of a Failed Camera Flipper

By Kary Schumpert

For the longest time, I owned only one camera. When I bought a new camera, I just donated or gave my old camera away, and I usually hung on to a camera for years. In fact, I was...