PhotoKlassik International

PhotoKlassik International is now SilvergrainClassics (and pixl-latr is reviewed in the latest edition)

Sometime around the new year, not long after I interviewed Charys about the state of analogue photography at the turn of the decade, the team there got in touch to ask me if they would be able to review pixl-latr for the forthcoming edition of PhotoKlassik International. They then went on to tell me that the magazine was being rebranded and that therefore the review would be a feature in the first edition of the magazine under its new name, ‘SilvergrainClassics’.

The State of the Film Photography Industry at the turn of 2020 – An interview with Charys Schuler, Editor, PhotoKlassik International

I little while ago, I got chatting to Marwan and Charys from SilvergrainClassics, the organisation that publishes Photoklassik International Magazine. After a bit of to and fro, I suggested it might be a nice idea to do a bit of an email interview with Charys about the magazine as well as the wider film photography community and industry. So as we enter into a new decade, I thought it a good time to share that conversation. As Charys talks about, all isn’t perfect in our community or industry, but things are definitely on the up, and there’s a lot to feel very positive about!

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