PhotoKlassik International is now SilvergrainClassics (and pixl-latr is reviewed in the latest edition)

By Hamish Gill

Sometime around the new year, not long after I interviewed Charys about the state of analogue photography at the turn of the decade, the team there got in touch to ask me if they would be able to review pixl-latr for the forthcoming edition of PhotoKlassik International. They then went on to tell me that the magazine was being rebranded and that therefore the review would be a feature in the first edition of the magazine under its new name, ‘SilvergrainClassics’.

The pixl-latr review

I have since day one been terminally optimistic that I would be delivering pixl-latr sooner than the reality. If you have followed the Kickstarter campaign you will know that – despite this optimism – it’s not gone entirely to plan. So when the guys asked if I was going to be able to supply them with a pixl-latr in time for it to be reviewed by Ludwig within the deadline for the copy, I assured them it would. And then, of course, a month or so completely disappeared, and pixl-latr wasn’t ready. Fortunately, just within the deadline, I was able to package a few just-about-fitting together parts and send them to Ludwig…

… and fortunately, he was able to see past the list of pre-production caveats about its not-quite-perfect state, and get right to the core of what I have been trying to achieve with pixl-latr.

But anyway, whilst I am obviously highjacking this new item to remind people about pixl-latr (available to pre-order here, with shipping starting next week), that’s not really what this article is about…

PhotoKlassik International is now SilvergrainClassics

… What I am supposed to be telling you is that the team behind PhotoKlassik International have just announced that the magazine has been renamed to SilvergrainClassics Magazine.

With a few editions already on people’s shelves, this is not a move they have taken lightly. If you aren’t already aware, PhotoKlassik International was launched 18 months ago on Kickstarter. It was at the time designed to be something of an international version of the German Magazine PhotoKlassik with a small percentage of the content simply being an English translation of content found in the German version. In the time since it has grown to be something more.

The nature of the international audience – with readers in 50 countries across the whole world – has meant that they have pushed the content to be weighted much more toward a global audience, and as such, the magazine has gained a unique identity of its own.

Whilst this is a great success for the team, the magazine sharing its name with the German version has, they say, started to hold them back. They have for example had distributors and retailers of the magazine confused over about the two versions, wondering if they are indeed just the same magazine in two languages. They’ve also had issues with contacts and social media content being confused between the two.

As such, with the feeling that the magazine had gained an identity of its own, the team decided the time had come to change the name. Fortunately, finding a new name wasn’t to be too difficult. The other leg of thier operation – an organisation that existed in its own right even before the birth of PhotoKlassic International – was called SilvergrainClassics. With SilvergrainClassics as an organisation already running SilvergrainStudioLab, an organisation that provides analogue photo lab, darkroom and analogue photography workshops, it made sense that the analogue photography focused magazine would be called the same too.

As far as the magazine is concerned, nothing else has changed – the quality and nature of the content remain the same. If you have a subscription to the magazine it will continue as normal. If you would like to find out about subscribing, you can do so via the new website This new website will soon be expanded to contain a blog and database of all things analogue!

I for one wish them all the best for the future – not just because they liked pixl-latr – but also because it’s a fantastic magazine that I continue to be subscribed to!


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Del on PhotoKlassik International is now SilvergrainClassics (and pixl-latr is reviewed in the latest edition)

Comment posted: 13/03/2020

I was pleasantly surprised to find a copy of SilvergrainClassics locally here in Munich having bought the latest PhotoKlassik last week. I think they are both very interesting magazines and beautifully produced.

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