5 Frames Cut from The Summer of ’20 – by Simon King / New Exit Group

In 2019 I co-founded a documentary photography movement with fellow photographers David Babaian, Andrew Blowers and Sagar Kharecha, with the intention of representing local stories in a strong and intimate way. The goals of our group have shifted from our founding objectives, but our heart and vision is dedicated to photographic storytelling with an emotional core. Together as New Exit Group we set out to explore what was available to us, and how we could tackle the different situations as a collective rather than individuals which is how we’re used to working.

The Colours of Shanghai / How I came to Publish a Photozine of XPAN shots – By Benoît Felten

I am in the process of publishing (and pre-selling) a zine called The Colours of Shanghai. It collects panoramic XPAN photos taken in Shanghai between 2014 and 2016.

In August of 2014, our entire family moved to Shanghai after my wife landed a promising job there. I was quick to discover the Xing Guang photo mall on Luban Lu, 6 stories of photo goodness including many second hand stores with film cameras on offer. My wife who (I suspect) was feeling a little guilty about moving us to the other side of the world asked me what I wanted for Christmas.

Good night sweetheart & my little rant about toothpaste

Anil Mistry has become a fairly regular contributor to this website, I’ve also met him on a photowalk, joined his Unusual Eyes photo group of his on Facebook, helped him sell some of his gear through the shop and chatted to him on a fair few occasions via social media. It’s fair to say I feel like I know the guy pretty well… which was probably an advantage to him given the message he recently sent me on Facebook – It’s not everyday you get asked to jot down a few misanthropic thoughts to be presented alongside a random photo of a discarded mattress.

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