Pinhole Cameras

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Making and Using a Cardboard Camera: Pinhole Adventures Part 2 – by Sroyon

When you get right down to it, there are only three things a camera needs to do: form an image, record that image, and be otherwise light-tight. All the rest – focusing aids, light meters, talking cameras – are conveniences. Some photographers (not me, I hasten to add) look down on conveniences, such as Auto …

Making and Using a Cardboard Camera: Pinhole Adventures Part 2 – by Sroyon Read More

Nine Homemade Cameras: Pinhole Adventures Part 1 – by Sroyon

Aren’t humans amazing. We develop sophisticated technology – high-resolution sensors, superfast lenses – to record images. But we also make, and express ourselves with, the simplest of homemade devices. Even with the most limited materials – cardboard, beercans, tape – the urge for creative expression will find a way. And this is where we end up. A camera which makes 17 simultaneous exposures on a single sheet of paper. A four-week long exposure – two weeks in New Jersey and two weeks in Minsk. A camera made from a pistachio nut (yes, a pistachio nut). Photos made with homemade cameras with no lens, and – except in two cases – without conventional film. Hang on to your hats: things are about to get interesting.

5 frames with a Zero 2000 Pinhole Camera

The Zero 2000 is a pinhole camera I borrowed off Alex Yates (pinhole genius) just before I went on my recent holiday to Cornwall. Somewhat (read heavily) inspired by Alex’s beautiful shots of Japan, I felt that I’d like to try and emulate some of that same sort of feel taking photos in one of my favourite places; Holywell bay.

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