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Contax iia

Contax IIa review – Chasing that Classic Look with an Unaccountably Affordable Vintage German Rangefinder – By Phil Calvit

Like most of you good 35mmc readers, I’d love to own a classic Leica. And like most of you (unless you’re a more posh lot than I’d assumed), I’ve been unwilling to make the life sacrifices (unheated house, unpaid cell phone bills, kids skipping college, etc.) necessary to actually buy one. Instead, I have opted for a (much more affordable) Contax iia with a 50mm f/1.5 Sonnar, and a couple of rolls in, I’m not disappointed! 

Frameline dial detail

Canon 7 Review – The Perfect Leica Thread Mount Body? – By Mina Saleeb

Analogue photography is one giant and almost never-ending rabbit hole. You start somewhere, are inspired (or made jealous) by someone else’s gear. You end up scouring online web stores week after week, reading multiple conflicting reviews until you eventually just hit the “buy now” button.

That was my journey with interchangeable rangefinders; my first was a Fed 5b around the middle of 2017 which was quickly replaced by the slightly better built Zorki 4k. I then jumped ship when I got lucky during “garage sale” find with a Contax IIIa but the lens options were pretty limited, and the squinty viewfinder wasn’t very user friendly.

Fed 2 with collapsible lens

Fed 2 Russian Rangefinder Mini-Review – By Julian Higgs

Why would anyone want to buy a 50 plus year of Fed 2 Russian Rangefinder camera? I have been interested in older LTM rangefinders ever since I bought a charity shop Fed 4 and a Jupiter 3 for my Sony A6300 mirrorless but had never looked at the Fed 2 Russian Rangefinder. I’d borrowed a Zorki 4 from a friend, but they are so heavy and clunky. 

Yashica Electro 35GT

5 Frames with my Yashica Electro 35 GT – The Trials and Tribulations – by Sacha Cloutier

When I first asked Hamish if I could submit an article, I had just purchased a box of used cameras on Facebook Marketplace. I knew that I wanted to review some of the cameras I had purchased by running a roll of film through as many of them as I could. My first victim was to be the Argus B. I was super excited and shot my roll through it. Recently I received the film back and nothing came out. The camera is an 80 year old forgotten camera so it will stay on display but not much else.

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