18 May, 2024

Looking Back at my First Roll of Film

By Paul Sutton

It was June 2015, the first month of Melbourne’s winter, and I had tired of digital photography. I had bought an entry level Nikon DSLR in January of 2015 as a move up fr...

1 December, 2023

410 East 65th Street

By Gerard Exupery

Whatever the reason, my telephone fell off the wall regularly, and I used tape and gum to effect repairs. When the handset gave up, I used my stereo headphones for the receiver....

7 June, 2023

Plainclothes Angels (a One-Shot Story)

By Dave Powell

In my personal urban dictionary, a “plainclothes angel” is someone whose life crosses yours usually once, and for a short time. But they still have an out-sized impact on your f...

24 May, 2023

A Tale of Two UFOs (a One-Shot Story)

By Dave Powell

If you'd like to have some fun, go to a photo exhibit when the photographer is there. Find an image that intrigues or puzzles you, and ask if they can tell you more about its co...