Reveni Light Meter

Reveni Labs Incident Meter

Reveni Labs Incident Meter Prototype Preview

Matt very kindly sent me a prototype Reveni Labs Incident meter to play with. It’s fair to say, this meter is not exactly conventional in terms of how it’s held or intended to be interacted with. But then, Matt’s shoe mount and spot meters are also unique in their designs. The question I asked myself when I first saw a picture of it was if this is a unique design too far? 

Reveni Labs Spot Meter Review

The Reveni Labs spot meter is a little bit different from anything else I’m aware of that offers true spot metering. It’s smaller, lighter and has a fairly impressive range of features. It’s also – at least to my knowledge – unique in terms of its user interface, all of which makes it quite compelling, even to someone who doesn’t often use a spot meter.

Keks EM-01, V-201X, Hedeco Lime One, Reveni, Voigtlander Vcii and Doomo Meter D

Shoe Mount Light Meters – Which One is Right for You…?

I’ve reviewed a whole load of the new crop of shoe mount light meters recently. I’ve liked something about all (most) of the meters I’ve tried, but trying them in quick succession has also revealed the shortcomings of each of them to me too. As such, I thought it might be useful to make a bit of a comparison article looking at their various pros & cons and who I think each meter is designed for.

Of course, all of this is still opinion, but hopefully it should still provide useful reading for anyone who’s got themselves into a bit of choice paralysis. I know I’d probably be a little confused we’re I trying to pick one and hadn’t had the opportunity I’ve had to play with all of them.

Reveni Labs Light Meter

The Reveni Labs Light Meter Review – (Small) Size is Everything

I backed the Reveni Labs Light Meter pretty much the moment I saw it had gone live – I had a small advantage as I knew it was happening before, but I was still a little disappointed to only be backer 44 out of 876. It went on to smash its goal by 777% raising CA$124,342 for Matt Bechberger allowing him to start making these light meters as his full time job. Exciting times for Matt, and great for the community/industry – but is it any good?

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