Rollei Retro 80 S

Up and Down the Old Lincoln Highway in Reno – By Sonny Rosenberg

Highway 50 runs pretty much across the middle of Nevada, where it’s billed as “the loneliest highway in America” and there are parts of it which certainly fit that description. But highway 50 wasn’t always highway 50. Many years ago it was created as The Lincoln Highway and was to unite New York City and San Francisco with a two lane ribbon of “improved” highway that would contribute to changing the way America traveled and employed the automobile.

Zeiss (Ikonta) Contina 1 with case

5 Frames with the Zeiss (Ikon) Contina 1 (522/24) – by Simon Foale

One of the enjoyable aspects of sites like 35mmc, Emulsive, and other places where analogue photography continues to be explored and celebrated in the age of unrelenting advances in digital imaging technology, is the diversity of ways in which people impart value to old film cameras. For me image quality remains an important, though admittedly …

5 Frames with the Zeiss (Ikon) Contina 1 (522/24) – by Simon Foale Read More

Rollei 135 Film – Experiments with Three Stocks – by Daniel Sigg

Rolleiflex is a brand that is associated with photography cameras, in particular medium frame film cameras. Rolleiflex has a fairly complicated corporate history (see wikipedia). Interestingly, Rolleiflex was never a film manufacturer. In recent history, Maco (Hans O. Mahn GmbH & Co. KG, Maco Photo Products), a German based supplier of film started selling films under the Rollei label. (The Rollei brand was licensed from RCP Technik Verwaltungs GmbH / RCP-Technik GmbH & Co. KG / Rollei GmbH & Co. KG.).

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