Rollei RPX400

Street Protests on Film: Leica M2 and Rolleiflex 2.8F – By Exphotog

I remember covering the Black Lives Matter protests in the US a few years ago–before I made the switch to analog full time–vividly: the police sirens, blocked streets, chanting, and all the run-and-gunning as one often does in high-action situations. Like I mentioned in my previous article, there is something about chaos that I gravitate towards. I enjoy the adrenaline rush, uncertainty, and the precarious nature of photographing in situations that are potentially hazardous. Whether it’s an underground metal concert in a pitch-black club filled with hundreds of people or a demonstration where thousands are calling for change. Witnessing the raw emotion, anger, frustration, and the release that follows is what excites me the most. Conflict in any shape or form is a worthy theme to capture and analyse.

36 frames / A Whole Roll of Rollei RPX400 – The first #FullRollFriday – By Jeremy Strange

I probably watch too much YouTube, particularly reviews of cameras, film stocks, anything really that’s photography related. The problem is that the more I watch the easier is to think that that IS photography…and it’s not. Picking up your camera and shooting is. Being stuck inside in lockdown without an internet connection capable of streaming video (long story, don’t ask) has reminded me of that, so I decided to write some more articles like this for 35mmc. At least if I’m not out taking photos, I can try and contribute in other ways, right?

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