Samsung Point & Shoot

Samsung Slim Zoom 1150 Review: Good Results, Frustrating Experience – by Shawn Granton

I haven’t given much thought to the idea of Korean film cameras. Electronics, sure. Cars, OK. But cameras? I’m guessing there was some kind of domestic camera industry in South Korea sometime before the 1980s, when South Korean brands became noticeable in the US. But I can’t find much on the English web. Any time I try to search for “vintage Korean film camera” I get links to phone apps, articles about cameras made out of paper or candy, or a Korean cafe built to resemble a Rolleiflex TLR. (Which admittedly sounds pretty cool.)

The Samsung AF Slim

Samsung AF Slim – one roll review

The Samsung AF Slim is quite an uncommon camera. I’d been keeping an eye out for them on ebay for one for quite some time when I eventually bought mine. £14 I paid for it, which seemed like a good price to me – though I had no point of reference for comparison. Good or bad, I was very pleased I’d got one… Well, I was pleased until it turned up at my office half smashed.

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