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Analog Memo – Creating a Digital Notebook App for Android – By Barry Carr

Sometime in 2018, my friend, Rob Kent, downloaded an Android app that would help him record analogue exposure information. The app would let you enter the aperture, shutter speed, ISO and a subject so you could refer to it later. He tried to use this app during a couple of our of regular lunchtime photowalks, but it was a pain to use. The app wasn’t very user-friendly, it never “remembered” any of the settings from previous entries requiring all exposure data to be re-entered for each shot. This meant that recording a shot took way longer than necessary and, in my view, put you off using it. At the time, I was using a pen-and-paper approach to record my shots and was finding that to be equally slow and cumbersome. After trying the above app myself I thought: “I can do better than this”.

Nightcap pro

Nightcap Pro – An iPhone camera app review

You’re probably wondering what on earth a blog post about a camera app is doing on a website about 35mm compact cameras? Well it’s quite simple, a lot of the photos I take of the cameras I talk about – especially the ones that I flood my Instagram with – are taken with it this app. So I thought I’d tell you why.

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