Solargraphy Cans – Going Homemade after Learning with Solarcan – By Antoine Carolus

When I became aware of the existence of the Solarcan™ (the cheap and easy yet effective famous solargraphy pinhole camera), I immediately ordered one and, lucky me, received it just several days before a solstice. My little house is facing the South almost perfectly, and I climbed on a tall and shaky ladder to attach the can to the downspout with duct tape, as high as my fear of breaking myself a leg could afford.


Solarcan Review – Solography; it does exactly what it says on the tin!

Solography is a photographic technique that allows for extremely long exposures that trace the path of the sun in the sky over the course of months, or even a whole year.

A Solarcan is an off the shelf, very easy to use, entry into the technique that allows anyone to have a go at solography with essentially zero photographic skills. I think it’s a brilliant thing for photography, but also a great educational product that will no doubt engage load of kids and adults alike.

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