18mm lens on camera

5 Frames from a Vintage 18mm T-Mount Lens on a Fuji X-Pro1 – By Dave Powell

A while back, I found this Spiratone 18mm f/3.5 T-mount lens at a yard sale. It proved especially valuable for shooting real-estate photos at one memorable “house with a problem.” Over the decades, a tall dense hedge had grown up across the entire front of the building– and only three feet from its door!

The listing agent had already taken some exteriors, but could not get a decent shot of the front. So she hired me to shoot interiors and “get that front!”

Though I’d long before switched to digital, I:

Slapped the lens on a “full-frame” Nikon FE SLR
Planted myself between the hedge and wall… at a point where the lens could also see the front door
And shot at a glancing angle along the front wall

To keep the photo as honest as possible for the MLS listing, I cropped it to include both the building’s front and a hint of the hedge row. My client loved the result.