5 Frames with a Toyoca-S whilst moving country – By Shaz

There I was in Seattle, the Shot On Film Store trying my hardest to get my Nikon FE2 fixed. It wasn’t happening. The drop it took killed the electrics and after some conversations I left with a personal fave, a Nikon FM.

On the way out, I remembered a conversation with a friend about cameras under $20. I could not help myself. I went right back to the counter and asked the guy ‘hey, got anything that works that isn’t too beat-up, has relatively clean functioning parts and under $20?’ His eyes lit up. When it comes to gear, I know that look. He headed straight over to the budget bin of cameras (which is more like a massive table) and starts to dig. The sounds of clicks, whirrs, hums and aahs takes over. He was clearly having a good time looking for some well-used gear that muggins over here will happily part money for.

A few mins later, he emerges with a Toyoca-S and assures me, it works. So $18 USD poorer (but with 2 free rolls of film – cheers lads!) I walked out with another camera.