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Video: Chatting to Ashley Carr in a Carpark in Stourport

A little while back I decided I fancied making a few (hopefully) more interesting videos for my YouTube channel. I’ve tried the odd bit of “vlogging”, some of it seems to go down ok, but for a large part, I think it might be a bit dull. I’ve met a load of people through this website, many in far reaches of the planet and only via social media, but a few quite locally to me – so I thought I’d take the focus off me, so to speak, and point a camera at some of them.

Three 50mm lenses that fit my needs (video)

Following my recent Canon 50mm 1.4 ltm review, a couple of friendly comments were made at the end of episode 26 of The Classic Lenses Podcast about why I wasn’t keeping the lens. These wild aspersions were of course entirely off the mark, so I decided to exercise my right to reply in the form of a little video.

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