Washi Film

5 Frames With a Nikon FM, Nikkor AF-D 35mm F2, and Film Washi X – by Stephen Fretz

I’ve had a Nikon FM for forty years, as long as I’ve been shooting. The first was my dad’s; after it was stolen, I bought one from eBay. These days the default lens on it is a Nikkor 35mm F2 AF-D; the “D” series work with Nikon’s digital and film bodies. The combo is almost too competent: while BW photography introduces a layer of abstraction, color photos are dead literal. There’s a fine line between “compelling” and “postcard”.

leaves of green plant backlight by the sun taken on Film Washi X

New Color Film from Film Washi Launches in Europe

Another exciting color film is on the market, this one coming to us from Film Washi. The French film company led and founded by Lomig Perrotin in 2013 is known for its unique black and white films, including ones handcrafted on traditional Japanese paper called Washi.  The new film “X” is 100 ISO 36-exposure 35mm …

New Color Film from Film Washi Launches in Europe Read More

5 Frames of Photographic Comfort Food with Film Washi S and a Voigtlander 15mm Lens – By Sonny Rosenberg

Recently, I had to go undergo some surgery which resulted in me taking a forced hiatus from photography and from posting on my own little blog, The Daily Lumenbox. As a reader of 35mmc you can probably understand that this inability to take photos was more than a little bit anxiety inducing.

In my anxiety addled state, I wondered if I would ever even be able to photograph again, would the photographs be any good, or would they all be utter crap?

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