leaves of green plant backlight by the sun taken on Film Washi X

New Color Film from Film Washi Launches in Europe

Another exciting color film is on the market, this one coming to us from Film Washi. The French film company led and founded by Lomig Perrotin in 2013 is known for its unique black and white films, including ones handcrafted on traditional Japanese paper called Washi.  The new film “X” is 100 ISO 36-exposure 35mm film that can be developed in C41 or E6 chemistry.

film washi x film cannister on white background
Image provided by and used with permission from Film Washi

Film Washi’s website describes the film as ‘a technical film with no orange mask that gives beautiful warm-toned and highly saturated pictures which recall the first color negative film of the 40s & 50s.’ (source: Film Washi)

colorful flower shot on film washi X
Image provided by and used with permission from Film Washi

Perrotin says “X” is not originally made for still photography, but rather for technical use. Film Washi has adapted this high contrast and highly saturated film for 35mm (135) still format.

Film Washi X is available now from Nation Photo, Perrotin’s reseller in France. However, they are only able to ship primarily within the European Union. Other places will not have long to wait though as Film Washi X is shipping to other retailers outside Europe and they will be able to start selling the color film starting the first of September.

board of complex components photographed on film washi x
Image provided by and used with permission from Film Washi

Though this batch of film is new to the market this year, color film is not new to Film Washi. Perrotin says he has worked with this type of film before, a maskless color film made between 2015 and 2017. Unfortunately, the quantities he was working with then were much smaller and the previous manufacturer informed him after the available stock was finished, they would not produce anymore.

The Film Washi founder says, ‘It was really sad because I really loved the warm tones of this film and its possibility to process it in C41 or E6.’

Not giving up, Perrotin continued looking for ways to make the film available again and gained access recently to a freshly coated stock from a different film production company. While the previous film had been a 400 ISO stock, this new one is a 100 ISO version. His business has grown and he is now working with higher quantities which enables him to bring back the maskless 35mm color film.

boxes of old film photographed outdoors with film washi x
Image provided by and used with permission from Film Washi

The production was planned to be regular from the beginning. However, perhaps not at the rate that Perrotin first expected. He says, ‘It was planned as a regular production from the start. But I must admit I was surprised by the reaction of my reseller, when I announced to them the first batch, it was fully booked within 24 hours!’

‘So, of course, I immediately planned a second batch and basically not taking a vacation this summer to make sure everyone will get their film in time. I guess that after this initial big rush things will calm down and I will continue to produce this film at a regular volume.’

stack of books photographed close up
Image provided by and used with permission from Film Washi

The film can be developed in both C41 and E6. When asked which one he prefers personally, Perrotin says, ‘Well… you know I do not really have time to make pictures anymore! More seriously, I prefer C41 because it is more saturated than E6, but I would certainly use it as a slide for a special occasion.’

To find more information about Film Washi and the new color film “X”, head over to Film Washi’s website here.

Images provided by and used with permission from Film Washi.

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  1. Back around 60 or so years ago I often used Agfacolor negative film which didn’t have a mask and that didn’t seem to be a problem. From memory it was 50 Asa but I’m not sure. Not having a mask should make the Washi colour film easier to scan especially making camera scans. .

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