Mounted on Sony Alpha 3000

ZHong Yi Lens Turbo II Review – The Cure – By Tony Warren

According to Google Translate, “zhong yi” means “traditional Chinese medicine” and it did indeed cure one of my photographic afflictions.

Around 20 years ago, at eye watering cost compared to earlier camera purchases, I took the plunge and bought a Fuji S2 Pro body with a Nikon 24-120 zoom to replace the Olympus C2000 I had been cutting my teeth on with digital. I do like wide angles, however, and so the 36-180 effective zoom range didn’t cut the mustard for me. So, with even more expense, I added a Sigma 10-20 APS-C zoom to get me the wide angle range I wanted. Finnicky as ever, because I take a lot of architecture, the moustache distortion on this lens led to still more frustration when trying to correct distortion and perspective. And so it went on.