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WIN my Ricoh GR1s

November 22, 2014

To celebrate the launch of the redesigned 35mmc website I have decided to give away one of the cameras that started it all – my trusty Ricoh GR1s. It might not be in perfect condition, but it works a treat! And it’s certainly good enough to give anyone who hasn’t used one of these wonderful cameras a chance to use one for a lot less money than they usually go for!

All you have to do to enter is fill in your details in the facebook page here. If you like the page and share it with your friends you can even get extra chances to win!

Good luck!


Impressions and Reviews, Point & Shoot

The Minolta Riva Panorama – A simple joy!

November 18, 2014
Minolta Riva Panorama

If I pick up a camera with a panorama switch on it – a switch that blacks out the top and bottom of the viewfinder and flaps in some plastic panels to partially block the film gate – I will never switch the switch! Why would I? What could I possibly gain from loosing such a significant amount of negative? That being my mentality, it might surprise you to read that I bloody love the Minolta Riva Panorama, a camera that not only crops the top and bottom of the normal 35mm 3:2 frame to 2.7:1, but doesn’t actually allow full frame shooting at all!

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The Leica Summar – A lens with a good deal of character.

November 1, 2014

I very nearly didn’t keep my Leica Summar, in fact I’d almost decided to sell it before I’d even shot with it. First off, it’s an ugly little thing. Mine is nickel so doesn’t match the chrome iiia it came on, and looks ridiculous on my M bodies. Secondly, it’s not in that great condition. Looking inside the lens you can see the paint on the inside of the barrel has chipped away. And lastly, what with also owning a 50mm Summarit, another lens known for its divisive character, I pretty much convinced myself I didn’t have any need it for. Despite all this, it went off to the repair guy with the iiia, as much as anything else, just to protect the camera. I also figured there was no harm in getting an expert opinion on whether or not it was a good one. The answer that came back – “it’s ok, pretty clean”. He actually cleaned it further for me too, and didn’t charge me either which was nice. So by the time I got it back I felt pretty much obliged to give it a go… And I’m very pleased I did too.

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Flash switch hack for the Olympus AF-10 super

October 26, 2014

Something about the cheap little Olympus AF-10 super appealed to me when I first picked it up. It feels solid (well apart from the battery door that is now taped on), it feels responsive, and above all that, it has a flash switch. An actual off/on/auto switch… Which would be brilliant apart from the fact that – despite it being a manually controlled switch when the “clam shell” is open – as you slide it closed, it switches the switch mechanically back to auto.

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Other Musings

The Film Camera – a Tool or Something More

August 9, 2014
Leica M7

In its most simple form there are three elements to a film camera; the lens the camera and the film. Of course in the process of taking a photo, there is also the light entering the camera and the photographer. When all of these things work together perfectly, the result is a wonderful photo. Yet out of all of those things there is one element that arguably has the least effect on the outcome, and that is the camera itself. To many, the camera is regarded as merely the tool. The light travels through the lens, which of course imparts a character, and different films give different results, but a camera is nothing more than an inert tool that if used correctly will have no affect on the resultant image. For me this viewpoint, whilst objectively correct, just lacks a little in depth.

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LOMO LC-A – Sans the Hype

August 6, 2014

Hi! I’m Jonas, another 35mm Compact Fanatic. A bit of background first; ever since I first got my Holga and not being able to cope with the costs of film I’ve turned to cheap, compact 135 cameras to cure my itch for film wasting. From the Smena 8M and Olympus Trip 35 Mini to Olympus XA and Minolta AF-C there’s always been something missing..

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Impressions and Reviews, Rangefinders

The Leica M4-P

July 30, 2014

I recently bought a Leica M4-P, very recently in fact. It’s the funny thing with these Leica’s, they seem to inspire me to write about them fairly quickly, especially this one. Maybe it’s a self fulfilling prophecy, but one way or another, it has fit perfectly into the roll I hoped it would, and indeed gives me exactly the user experience I was hoping for…

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