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Chinon Auto 3001 Multifocus – Guest review by Sigurður J. Haraldsson

May 24, 2015

Well this is my Chinon Auto 3001. A fellow film camera enthusiast was selling a part of his film camera collection few months ago on facebook and this camera was there. I liked the fact that the lens is a 35mm at f2.8 and as I was looking for a decent point and shoot to have with me most of the time so I contacted him. As I had just bought another camera from him before he gave me this one.

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Other Musings

Defining the Perfect Lens

May 21, 2015

Lenses are like the eyes of our cameras, they don’t process information, they just transmit it to what’s behind. Perfect vision, or perfect eyes are always going to be an advantage in seeing, and many would argue the same can be said for the lens of cameras. Though despite this, in recent years there has been somewhat of a trend for the opposite, a trend for using lenses that impart an arguably imperfect character on to an image. Extreme examples of this are the lomo crowd and their plastic lenses. Then there’s the use of antique petzvel or aerial reconnaissance lenses to create crazy swirling bokeh. Of course, outside of these extreme examples, it can be said that all lenses have a character of some sort, and when buying a lens it’s that character we are choosing. But which is the right character? Should we pursuing perfection in our lenses character, or imperfection? And is imperfection in lenses actually a potential source of perfection in the photographic outcome?

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‘Taab’ lens tab – Pre-production review / beta test report

May 18, 2015

I do like a focusing tab on a rangefinder lens, I just find focusing slightly more intuitive somehow. Generally speaking I also find the lack of requirement to grip the focusing wheel to also be a slightly more effective of way focusing without introducing unnecessary movement to the camera. So when Taab was pointed out to me, I thought I’d found the perfect solution to add a focusing tab to my lenses that don’t have one. Of course, the Taab isn’t currently available to buy, it’s still in its beta testing phase, so I contacted them to find out if I could be a part of that process. The answer was yes, and this post represents my findings of my testing process; it’s half intended as a product review, and half feedback to Taab.

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Photos & Projects

A pre-wedding shoot on a farm…

May 17, 2015

I’ve been shooting weddings fairly sporadically for about 8-9 years now, I’ve always just shot them with the digital, but have been finding this increasingly uninspiring. Yesterday, armed with a my Leica M-A, M3, 50mm ‘cron, 90mm elmar and a couple of rolls of Portra 400, I took the first step to addressing that sense of being uninspired and shot a pre-wedding shoot entirely on film.

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The Leica 50mm f/2.5 Summarit-M

May 12, 2015
Leica 50mm f/2.5 Summarit-m

Along side – or at least attached to – the Leica M-A I recently borrowed from Leica UK was a 50mm f/2.5 Summarit-m. To be honest I’m not sure if they meant to send me this lens, or if they had intended to send me the new 2.4 version, but either way this is what I received. It is also the lens I shot all but a few of the photos I took with the camera over the period of time I had it. And since this amounted to quite a few photos, I actually came away with quite a good appreciation for how well this lens performs… So I thought I’d do a little review…

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