The Carl Zeiss ZM f/1.5 50mm C Sonnar

November 22, 2015

It took me so long to commit to the idea of buying a Zeiss ZM 50mm Sonnar. I must have hanged my mouse over a buy-it-now button of some sort countless times. Something just kept changing my mind at the last minute. Just recently, I decided enough was enough, I was going to end this cycle of indecision, bite the bullet and just try one. And you know what, my only regret was not buying the damned thing sooner.

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Guest Contributions, Guest Musings

Leica M-A – From Digital, Back to Film (part 2) – A guest post by Anthony Killeen

November 21, 2015

It’s been a couple of months since I obtained my Leica M-A film camera and wrote about my initial experience with returning to film after many years of using digital cameras. I mentioned that my first few rolls were deliberately shot in daylight for ease of exposure while I was getting used to the camera, and that I would do some shooting indoors in low light at a later time. The M-A, like pre-M5 Leica cameras, does not have a built-in light meter, and so indoor photography with the camera poses particular challenges of selecting the exposure in low light settings. I decided that the sensible thing was to get an incident light meter, so I obtained a Sekonic L-478D, which I could use in a lot of situations in the future, especially those involving a flash.

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Photos & Projects

Carters Steam Fair

November 15, 2015

A few weeks ago we went down to Reading for the day to visit some family and friends. The wife is from down that way so we quite often take a day trip down there. On this occasion we decided to meet our friends at a fair that was happening in prospect park - Carters Steam Fair

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Guest Contributions

My First Film Camera – Part 2 – Guest Post by Aukje

November 7, 2015

A month ago I wrote a guest post about my first steps in film photography. I got some very useful feedback, and encouragement to proceed. To give you a small recap: I wasn’t sure I liked film, as I miss the post processing part, and I wasn’t happy with the quality of the (cheap) scans of my photos. One major thing I learned from the first experiences and the feedback is that you can’t compare a scan or printed photo to a digital raw file.

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Photos & Projects

F8 team head shots

November 6, 2015

We’ve taken on some new staff at work recently, and as such decided it about time we all had new team head shots, or at least everyone else’s were brought inline with the ones me and Greg have been using.

If you’ve seen my Twitter account you might recognise this slightly awkward-fingered picture of me.

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