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On Light Meters : Guest post by Marco North

July 29, 2015
street photo by Marco North
Tbilisi, Georgia Leica M4-P, 35mm Summicron, Ilford Delta 100

Hamish is an obsessive man, and that’s why we get along. I have never met him, but we send each other massages at odd hours about lenses, about the gospel of the rangefinder. We are cut from that same Leica cloth and it binds us. We were talking about light meters a little while ago and our conversation ended with an invitation from him to write a guest post.

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Leica Mount Rangefinders

The Leica M6 Classic & Leica M6 TTL

July 24, 2015
Leica M6 TTL

As I’ve mentioned a fair few times on here before, the Leica M6 is a camera I’ve owned before. I had one some time ago – way before 35mmc – that I bought to use along side a Voigtlander R2A. Then, through a patch of using my rangefinders less about 5 years ago I ended up selling the Leica M6 and keeping the Voigtlander. The R2A became the only rangefinder I then owned for a good few years until finally I jumped ship back to Leica and bought a Leica M7. The funny thing was, I never really regretted selling the Leica M6. I thought briefly about buying one again before settling on the idea of the M7, but in the end that lack of regret pushed me in the direction of an M7. The Leica M6 just hadn’t suited me as well as the auto-exposure R2a. So that same – or at least similar – AE is what I wanted in a Leica. So what you might ask am I doing with one now? Well, in short, I feel I know these Leicas a bit better now, and the way I use them has grown. I wanted to find out if the Leica M6 deserves the positive reputation that precedes it and if therefore I was wrong in my dismissal of it, or if I was right to not regret selling it and it’s just not the camera for me.

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Photos & Projects

Legoland Windsor & giving AG Photo Lab a go

July 20, 2015

A few weeks ago, I helped my mate Ben celebrate his birthday by taking our respective kiddies to Legoland Windsor. Legoland was a place I dreamed of going as a kid. It has always been a place I’d imagined as being magically constructed entirely from Lego. Of course, the visit destroyed my dreams… It wasn’t entirely made of Lego at all. In fact, quite a bit of it seemed to have little to do with Lego at all. Still, it wasn’t for me, it was for Ben and his birthday the kiddies, and they enjoyed it quite a bit!

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