Analogue Showcase at 2021 TPS

NEWS: Analogue Showcase is Back at The NEC Birmingham Photography Show – March 16-19

By Molly Kate

The Photography Show is back at the NEC Birmingham March 16-19, 2024. The National Exhibition Centre situated in Marston Green, England will host an all-things-photography weekend packed with various vendors, talks, demonstrations, and more. It’s a place to discover, learn, shop, connect, and gain inspiration or new ideas.

Since 2021, there has been a special place for analogue photography at The Photography Show (‘TPS’), now called Analogue Showcase (previously called Analogue Spotlight). If you want to read about the first year, head over to Hamish’s article on that here.

The Analogue Spotlight at The Photography Show – A Success! / What Did You think?

You can also watch the Sunny 16 crew at the 2021 show on their YouTube channel here!

If analogue photography is your jam, then don’t miss this section of the TPS this year! There will be quite a few analogue businesses gathered in the area but there is also a dedicated talk space for Analogue Showcase. Some of the familiar faces you’ll find include Analogue Wonderland, Intrepid Camera, Solarcan, Zone Imaging, Paterson Photographic, This Is How I Roll, Capix, MS Hobbies, Ilford Photo, and Alfie Camera. The Disabled Photographers Society will also be in the area so be sure to stop by and say hi to them as well.

Tetenal will be in attendance but under their new name Dupli. Also placed in the Analogue Showcase as exhibitors are Wex, Cameraworld, Newell, and Hahnemühle.

Analogue Showcase at The Photography Show
Analogue Showcase at The Photography Show

Talks in the Analogue Showcase section will include the following:

  • Multiple exposure methods with film by Kate Hook
  • The Joy of Film by Paul McKay from Analogue Wonderland
  • Dark(room) magic! with Rachel Brewster-Wright from Little Vintage Photography
  • Wet plate collodion – an introduction by Corrine Gretton-West
  • Getting creative with film photography with Kate Hook
  • Choosing the right film with Michelle Parr from Ilford Photo
  • Shooting film in a world of digital by Lara Platman
  • Half frame happiness: Embracing 76 photos in a 35mm roll of film with Jo Bradford
  • Scanning subminiature films by Paul O’Sullivan from MS Hobbies
  • Small Darkroom spaces with Neil Hibbs from Ilford Photo
  • Shot on film: Exploring the world of analogue wedding and event photography by Rachel
  • Brewster-Wright from Little Vintage Photography
  • Working with Analogue by Craig Fleming
  • Haunted Landscapes: Using the emulsion lift process with Corrine Gretton-West
  • Shooting sports on film by Miles Myerscough-Harris
  • Paper miracles: Shooting with an instant ‘Afghan’ box camera by Rachel Brewster-Wright
  • from Little Vintage Photography
  • Developing the TYCH from Alfie Cameras
  • Shooting music on film by Miles Myerscough-Harris

For the full talk schedule over the four day event, check out the timetable here!

Analogue Spotlight at TPS 2021
Analogue Spotlight at TPS 2021

Opening hours are from 10:00 to 17:00 Saturday, March 16 through Tuesday, March 19. Standard tickets are from £14.95 for any one day, multi-day tickets start at £28.42 for a two-day ticket and go up to £47.38 for a four-day ticket. Discounts are available for students, disabled, 60+, and children. Members of the press, professional photographers, filmmakers, and content creators can apply for free entry to the show.

TPS also has a new podcast that is available on most platforms. On the first Thursday of each month, David McClelland will talk about the latest photography and filmmaking news, and perspectives, and have discussions with other creators. Check it out here.

For more information about the TPS or to grab your tickets, head to the official website here. To check out a highlight reel from the 2022 show, head on over to YouTube here.

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