The Photography Show

NEWS: Analogue Spotlight Update, Ilford Darkroom Survey Results & Intrepid Zine Issue 2

This week has been a little bit chaotic, to say the least. With The Photography Show and therefore Analogue Spotlight being postponed until September 19th-22nd, we began the week trying to organise an alternative event. By yesterday, we had then decided to call the whole thing off in favour of just being a bit more cautious about the CoronaVirus. I’m not gonna lie, all this has been really quite draining, so to have a very large percentage of the analogue community come together in support of the all the decisions we have been making in the background has frankly been fantastic. In short, thank you to everyone who sent me directly or shared words of encouragement on social media – it’s meant a lot and taken the edge off a stressful week! 

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