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5 Frames with a Leica M6 & Cinestill 800t – by Christoph Ackermann

April 3, 2018

A few years ago my parents got me my first own camera – a Leica Vlux 114. Before that I just shot my pictures with cameras, which I lent from them. Soon after that I bought a Leica M6 and Elmar 50mm f/2.8. That was the moment when I was bitten by the Leica-Bug.Since then I bought and tried many cameras, lenses and films.

When I read the first reviews about the Cinestill 800t, I knew I had to try this film. Originally this film is a motion picture film but the remjet backing was removed by the manufacturer so you can develop it just like any other C-41 film.

The Cinestill 800t is tungsten balanced and is made for shooting in difficult low light situations, indoors with flash and under fluorescent light. You also get incredible fine grain (in my experience even better than the Kodak Portra 800), a spectacular halation effect  and really nice skin tones. When shooting it outside in the sunshine you should use a 85B filter.
To try this film I put it into my Leica M6, which I paired with the Voigtlaender Nokton 50mm f/1.5.

Because of it’s characteristics, I shot my first role at a folk festival in a little city in Bavaria. For the non-german readers: It’s a little bit like the Oktoberfest in Munich but much smaller. I choose this setting for my first shots, because I expected to have there the low light situation and the artificial lights I wanted to have for my film testing.
All pictures were shot at ISO 500 and developed at ISO 800.

I hope you enjoy the pictures and get an idea about what this film will look like under those given circumstances.

Greetings from Germany
Christoph Ackermann


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