Next Generation Intrepid Camera Updates: Cameras, Website, and Logo

By Molly Kate

Intrepid Camera not only has a new logo and website design, they have also upgraded the entire range of large format cameras with new features. The company based in Brighton makes hand-assembled 4×5, 5×7, and 8×10 cameras and has brought them all into the next generation. As many of the features added were the same across the range, Intrepid made the decision to update them all at the same time.

Intrepid Camera large format update
Image per Intrepid Camera Launch Email

Feature Updates

So, what are the new camera-specific features?

New zeroing guides and notches on the front standard and base have been added for all models. Also, the zeroing stops now click on the front standard when using the front tilt. Heavier lenses can now be used thanks to the new reinforced system on the front standard controls.

Individual model updates include removable bellows for the 4×5 and quick-release clips on the 10 and 5×7 when going between portrait to landscape orientation.

Intrepid large format camera
Image per Intrepid Camera website

Naomi, Creative Director at Intrepid says the zeroing guides and click stops were a direct result of customer feedback.

Customer feedback is incredibly valuable, especially in terms of improving and adding features. We want to be able to create products that have all the features our users want and are as durable and straightforward to use as possible. – Naomi, Creative Director at Intrepid Camera

She also adds,

We definitely had a lot of things we wanted to add too which we felt would make the design more slick and user friendly. We are a mix of photographers and product designers which is a very handy mix when it comes to developing and testing new parts! For example the new clips for removing the rear standard of the 5×7 and 8×10 cameras took a while to develop but we are super happy with those. It took months of prototyping and testing parts to build up to releasing these cameras. We can definitely say these are the best Intrepid Cameras yet and we are all really proud of the designs.

A New Look & Logo

The team has also been spending a long time working on their new website and logo which is now live. Naomi says after seven years in business now, the team felt they had outgrown the initial branding and website.

She says, ‘In terms of coming up with the look we wanted it to encompass both the joy of going out shooting with a large format camera as well as spending a day in the darkroom making prints. So we wanted a logo and website that felt cleaner and representative of who we are now as a brand and something that has the space to promote the people who use our products.’

Intrepid Camera website homepage
Screenshot of Intrepid Camera website

The site will also be showcasing more projects, stories, and travels from users/customers to feature their work created with Intrepid gear. Additionally, to help users or potential users learn more about large format photography as well as darkroom work, Intrepid wanted to create more space to host guides on these topics. Easily accessible, the stories and guides can be found in the main navigation menu. One I recently enjoyed was about the work of Joni Sternbach who photographs surfers with the wet plate collodion technique. The guides available now assist photographers with setting up both Intrepid cameras and darkroom equipement. There is also a guide about the wet plate collodion process with Rikard Österlund.

Naomi also said, ‘We felt it was important to be able to share more about how we create our products too and give some background on the whole team. People are always so intrigued to know they are still made in our Brighton workshop and that we combine modern manufacturing like 3D printing with more traditional processes.’

To find out more about the team, head over to their About section of the website here.

Other technical website updates include:

  • For international customers, the new website allows you to pay in your local currency and EU tax (if applicable to your location) is included at checkout so no extra fees would be due on delivery.
  • The team has also added an easier way to see bellows colors side by side as well as adding more detailed information to the camera listings.
Intrepid Camera website product page
Screenshot of Intrepid Camera website

Intrepid is also working down their lead times for all cameras and enlargers with the aim of getting to a one week turnaround. If you want faster shipping, consider the 4×5 as they say they have plenty in stock so that will have the shortest lead time.

Check out the new website here! Intrepid make it super easy to get in touch, making available an email, phone, contact form, and live chat!

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