Yeg with the Travelling Yashica – Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

By weedos

Way back in the late summer of 2015 a package arrived at my door. All the way from Australia it had come (that’s a long way from Sherwood Park, Alberta). I was so pleased to greet the Travelling Yashica at my door.  I immediately opened the package and loaded it with some Lomochrome Turquoise* film and started snapping away.

Travelling Yashica Roll 1-11 Travelling Yashica Roll 1-10 Travelling Yashica Roll 1-7 Travelling Yashica Roll 1-6

As I had a week to play with this little beauty, I took my time and visited various locations through out the city…

Travelling Yashica Roll 1-14 Travelling Yashica Roll 1-15 Travelling Yashica Roll 1-17

…and to Elk Island National Park…

Travelling Yashica Roll 1-19 Travelling Yashica Roll 1-18


..and some more around town.

Travelling Yashica Roll 1-26 Travelling Yashica Roll 1-25

I stopped for a bite to eat and a pint here..

Travelling Yashica Roll 1-30

…and dropped the camera.  Not from a great height but I did manage to scuff the camera a bit.  I quickly finished the roll and sent it off to develop to see if I had damaged the camera.  Realizing that I wouldn’t get the roll back from the lab in time, I quickly loaded some Ilford HP5 into it and ripped through a roll to develop at home in time to see if I was going to go down in history as the man who ruined the Travelling Yashica.

Travelling Yashica Roll 2-1 Travelling Yashica Roll 2-7 Travelling Yashica Roll 2-12 Travelling Yashica Roll 2-14 Travelling Yashica Roll 2-17 Travelling Yashica Roll 2-18

Luckily our little camera still worked like a charm and I (with some regret) sent her off to her next destination in Ontario. May the Travelling Yashica travel for many years to come.  Would I buy one for myself? In a heartbeat.



*Lomochrome Turquoise film doesn’t have a DX code so the camera defaulted to 100ISO for the roll and I’m sure glad it did.  The film is supposed to be good for 100-400ISO but I’ve had mixed results shooting above 100.

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Daniel Fjäll on Yeg with the Travelling Yashica – Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Comment posted: 04/03/2016

Love the basketball hoop one

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