35mmc Website Issues (UPDATE)

A quick note to say that unfortunately we are still experiencing some serious issues with the website, although we believe we have found the source of the problem and are a good way through resolving it.

We are still expecting trouble when loading some pages, if you see any issues or random error messages, please list the URL down in the comments of this article and we will investigate.

We can only apologise for the inconvenience. We hope to be back up and fully operational soon, and will let you know when you can safely upload content and post comments again. Thank you!

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6 thoughts on “35mmc Website Issues (UPDATE)”

  1. Mr.Strange,
    I love this site, and I wish you expeditious success.
    Thanx for your time, and your efforts !

  2. To Mr. Strange ….
    In retrospect, I forgot to add to my ” encouraging ” message… if doesn’t get this f- cling blogsite going in the next 31.5 seconds,
    may he burn in hell, and I wiill come stomp on his rotten ashes.
    Maybe this will cheer him up.
    Oops! Time’s up….
    Bill Mesa

  3. Hi, tried opening a 35mmc page this morning, but the page that opened just said there was an error.
    The page I tried opening was PPP servicing and repairs.
    Regards Rob S

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