5 frames with...

5 frames with an Olympus Pen F – By Tobias Eriksson

This camera kit is an amalgamation of two SLR systems. I really like the half-frame format, for its economy of film use and the grain, particularly with b&w film. I am also a happy owner of two tank-sized SLRs with m42 mount and lenses for them. What could be better than to use the only tiny SLR out there mounted with my great lenses?

An adapter was a bit on the expensive side – still I got it; and I would advise you to buy a Pen F body from a photography business, or you may first end up with a useless ‘medical’ purpose F, as I did. Hammerite paint actually sticks to the cover and it looks way cooler in black, don’t you think?

Now I have a very compact SLR. The shutter is far from quiet and the rectangular shutter release in its recess takes some time to get used to. Additionally, it’s a double-stroke winder, which serves to remind me of the impressive age of the camera. It is a very uncomplicated camera which lacks even light metering and ASA/ISO information.

My first (second half of a migrated) roll was exposed in grim early December. Even in the light of day 200 ASA is too slow for comfortable exposures in this clime (southern Sweden). But despite this I did manage to capture some details from this rocky fishing town of past glories. The lens is a less than loved (by connoisseurs) Soligor 35 mm, which I chose mostly for its small size. For half-frame format a 35 mm equals 53 mm on full frame. Film is Fuji 200 ASA.

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