Fuji Klasse w compact camera english manual

Fuji Klasse S/W Instruction Manual in English

This manual seems to be fairly hard to come by. I found it on RFF a while back but when I looked again the other day I couldn’t find it! As I remember it, the chap who linked to it on RFF had contacted fuji and asked them to send him an english manual as there isn’t one supplied in the box. A stroke of genius that as they just sent it to him. I have read so many folks complaining that the Klasse doesn’t allow you to set the flash to off as standard etc. One guy actually sold the camera because of this issue. Of course, had he an english manual he would have realised one of the custom settings allows retention of flash setting when the camera is switched off…

Anyway, here is the manual

I can’t take the credit for having the common sense to contact fuji myself, the credit goes to the chap on RFF. If you are he, or happen to know his name, please let me know as I would love to give credit appropriately!

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