Olympus Pen EE-3 – Shooting Film in Barcelona – By Jordi Fradera

This is the latest camera that my neighbor Alvar has lent me and since there are countless articles on the net about it, even on 35mmc, I have decided to take some photos and make a small few comments rather than a deep analysis.

As you can see in the main photo above, Marsupilami, my granddaughter’s toy, liked it and played with it. I have told him that it is not a toy despite looking more like a toy than a working camera.

I do not have a preference for cameras like this as I find the settings to be lacking when compared to a more complete camera. It’s fixed focus (1.5 m to infinity) and the ASA sensitivity as the only setting to control exposure is not very flexible. In manual mode you can set the aperture (f/3.5 to f22), but this is really for using flash with the 1/40 sec sync speed.

The camera has not presented any operating problems and despite being more than 30 years old the measurement of the light meter is correct. This was my biggest doubt, but it turns out I had nothing to worry about.

The image format is quite small (24 x 18 mm) and somewhat uncomfortable because it is vertical. The photos that I have shot with Kodak ColorPlus 200 are best for printing or viewing in small sizes since they lack definition. This is possibly due to the fixed focus, or perhaps the smaller negative, or both.

The photos I am showing here are slightly edited (lighting and contrast). I recognize that the result is not bad and perfectly meets the expectations of the type of user. The development and scanning has been done by Fotojoma, whom I thank for their collaboration.

Arc de Triomphe (Barcelona)

Born district (Barcelona)

Santa María del Mar (Barcelona)
El Born – Old wholesale market (Barcelona)

Now I have to return the Olympus PEN EE-3 to its owner Alvar, whom I am grateful for the loan. That will be if I can get Marsupilami, who has fallen in love with the camera, to allow it. HOUBA! He yells at me every time I ask him.

I hope you liked the article, thank you for reading it.

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