Author name: Jordi Fradera

Dacora Dignette – The Story of a old Colleague’s Camera – By Jordi Fradera

On November 7, 1964 Conxita and Josep got married. You will see that, according to the typical professional studio photo of that time, they made a good couple and, of course, they continue to do so.

At that time I did not know them. It was in 1973 when I started working as an Engineer in the company where Josep had been Head of Workshop for years. We shared the stage for more than 25 years and except for minor work discrepancies, the relationship was good. Sometimes we told each other family anecdotes and this is how I learned about his wife Conxita, his son Albert, his parents and their hometown of Artesa de Segre (Lleida) – a place I had visited on several occasions.

Canon EF – Shooting in a Castle – By Jordi Fradera

On this occasion it was my friend Josep who lent me his camera that had already been abandoned in a closet for more than twenty years. The first surprise in my hands was to discover a Polaroid film already shot that remained in the style of Egyptian mummies, quietly in its sarcophagus: the Canon EF camera. The film was certainly out of date, but curiosity made me take it to FotoJoma ([email protected]) for its development, the bad news was that the images had disappeared, Joma didn’t charge me for the development but I took the negatives home anyway.

Olympus Pen EE-3 – Shooting Film in Barcelona – By Jordi Fradera

This is the latest camera that my neighbor Alvar has lent me and since there are countless articles on the net about it, even on 35mmc, I have decided to take some photos and make a small few comments rather than a deep analysis.

As you can see in the main photo above, Marsupilami, my granddaughter’s toy, liked it and played with it. I have told him that it is not a toy despite looking more like a toy than a working camera.

Photos from the Circus, 1956 – By Jordi Fradera

It must have been one night in December 1956 when I went to see the most important circus show in recent years. It was not just any traveling circus but a contest in which you could see the best of many circuses and which took place in the then brand new Palacio de Deportes de Barcelona (1955). I guess I was accompanied by José, a good friend of the family.

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