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Ilford announce talks on their stand at The Photography Show

March 5, 2020

For a large part, this post is just a good excuse to remind you about the forthcoming Photography Show and all the awesome and interesting analogue stuff that’s going to be there. In my previous post on the subject, I talked about the vastly increased volume of analogue exhibitors, talks, events and community faces that are going to be there.

The beady-eyed will have spotted that alongside the talks happening within the Analogue Spotlight, there are also some talks planned to be happening on the Ilford Photo stand as well. What I didn’t know then was the lineup of said talks – mostly as Ilford hadn’t at the time officially announced them at that stage…

Well, now they have, so I thought a little bit of an update wouldn’t go amiss – the lineup is as follows:

Natalie Oberg – Talking about shooting landscapes on large format film
Neil Hibbs – CT Scanners and what they mean for travelling with film
Lina Bessonova – Discovering darkroom printing
Alessandro Franchini – Daylight processing with Ilford film and Lab-box
John Whitmore – Getting started with printing
Rachel Brewster-Wright – Weddings on film – Madness or magic
Tim Rudman – Toning with the new Miltigrade RC Delux

You can find out more about the speakers and the talks on the Ilford website here
The talks happening on the Analogue Spotlight here
More about all the Analogue Photography stands at the show here
And get your tickets here with discount code: 35MMCTPS20


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