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The Daughter’s 2nd Birthday – Shot with a mju-ii

August 5, 2013

I am working toward a review of this camera, admittedly quite slowly, but it is happening. I feel that a camera that seems to generate such divided opinions requires a little more thought putting into my conclusions. Suffice to say, I like the camera enough to entrust it with the job of my daughters birthday. Shot with Portra 400, here are the results:

Connie's Second Birthday
Taken with the flash which has a pretty good job! She did love those balloons… Apart from when they popped!

Connie's Second Birthday
Its amazing the amount of kids toys and stuff that we fit into such a small garden!

Connie's Second Birthday
My good mate Matt’s Daughter

Connie's Second Birthday
My daughter stealing my good mate Matt’s daughter’s food

Connie's Second Birthday
My dog looking to steal my good mate Matt’s daughter’s food

Connie's 2nd bithday
Connie and my mate’s G and Amys daughter on the bouncy castle

Connie's Second Birthday
Another flash shot of Connie through the door of her birthday present

Connie's Second Birthday
The presents being opened

Connie's Second Birthday
Alex and her beautiful son Dylan

Connie's Second Birthday
The cake – she does like Shrek

Ok, admittedly, no miracles of photographic skills on display here… But that really wasn’t the goal… I was so rushed, Im just glad I got any pictures at all!

It is fair to say though that the mju-ii has done a fine job! Keep an eye out for my full review coming soon!

More shots from the day here

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