Olympus mju-ii


5 Frames with Kiro 400 in an Olympus MJU II – By Sammy Gunnell

Since my childhood obsession with basketball began, I have continued to be drawn to the aesthetic of hoops and courts. I find myself intrigued by their use (or lack of) and presence in a football-loving nation.

After moving around South-East London for almost 10 years, I landed in Bermondsey in 2017 and immediately noticed how many basketball courts were in close proximity to the block of flats where I live. Whilst on commutes and aimless Sunday afternoon wonderings around the neighbourhood with my wife, I would discover more. Some on unassuming side streets, or hidden on estates. Others were tucked away beside railway bridges – still, many stood boldly in plain sight.

Olympus mju-ii

Olympus Mju-ii Review – A One Roll Test on the Street – by John Hanson

As I’m sure you are aware dear reader, the Olympus Mju-ii has in recent years become the darling of hipsters everywhere. The second generation Mju has become a statement of coolness, an accessory to your outfit, a bauble to be seen holding rather than shooting. Fashion (I’m told) is a fickle business, and only the exact thing will do. Anyone who was ever dragged to Clarks’ shoe shop as a child, when all they wanted was Doc Martins will know this to be true.

Olympus Mju ii & Kodak T-MAX 400: Lessons from The Forgotten Ones – by Jon YK Lee

“Why did I let her go?”, a voice whispered in my mind when I received my film scans on an unusually quiet Friday night. I watched as the images slowly populated my screen, producing a wicked cocktail of emotions that felt all too familiar, with my only source of comfort being Wesley Shultz’s raw, bare voice. As I lingered on every single image, pausing to examine each contour and imperfection, my heart sank. I started texting not one, but three people to lament my loss. Their empathy was of no consolation. Clichéd words of support like “She’ll come back to you” and “There are plenty fish in the sea” of scarce, and ultimately empty, comfort.

Olympus mju-ii

Olympus mju-ii Review (pt2) – Great Camera, But Too Expensive For What It Is!

In 2019, the Olympus mju-ii – also know as the Olympus Stylus Epic – has gained quite a bit of a cult following. It was regaining popularity back in 2013 but since then it’s popularity has grown exponentially. I have, on more than a few occasions, been accused of fuelling the fire of that popularity by writing a review that – but for a highlighting a few shortcomings – asserted that this camera is perhaps the “ultimate point & shoot camera” and pretty much the default recommendation to anyone looking for such a thing. These few years on, I figured I should update those thoughts – especially as they are feeling a little bit passed their best-before date.

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