A picture of Angele Fourteau's window view and the View Fanzine open

From My Window – By Angele Fourteau

Long story short: I’ve been shooting the same view since 2018 when I first moved to Paris. I just got this little apartment; super small, super old, and super expensive… not much to dream about, except for a priceless free sky window view between buildings which is quite rare in Paris and mostly from a second floor. And this is where it started… I’ve been passionate about this view since the first day I moved in, and I do love sharing photos of it, but, I haven’t noticed that since the covid lockdown…

Three picture of sky between buildings

April 2020, confined in my Parisian flat, I figured out that this view was my mental escape. I stayed a long time at my window looking at the sky, meditating, noticing every colour change, every bird living in the area, every sound… I became aware of my surroundings.

One day, I caught myself taking a picture of the sky with an unfinished roll that was waiting the end of the quarantine to be developed.

At that specific moment, I remembered that it wasn’t the first time I took a picture like that. So I dug all my negatives out and reviewed each one that I have created since I arrived in Paris. I was stunned to discover that each one of my film rolls has a picture of my window view on the 35/36th frame, sometimes it’s first of the roll. That was insane to me.

I had – have – this habit of shooting my window view to finish my rolls before giving them to the lab.

So, I decided to collect the pictures. I scanned the one I forgot to, and started a new photo series that I posted on instagram in April 2020.

Three picture of sky between buildings

First is was “quarantine view ” then it became “the view”.

I love this story and I love how I discovered it. I love the fact that I forever immortalized the sky at different moments of the year with different cameras and different films. Each picture is unique. Each one tells something, and with every one of them I can let my imagination loose. I love to say that this is my dialogue with the sky, and I am forever grateful for this story.

Today, I am more aware that I take pictures of this view. The original concept has evolved, and I like it, it doesn’t bother me. Now it is no longer just about finishing my roll but about seeing something I want to capture; a colour in the sky, the planes of the 14th of July, the moon, etc… What I like is the (almost) unchanging frame of the buildings highlighting the sky show.

Three picture of sky between buildings

A few months ago, I renewed my flat lease. As I am good to go for 3 more years, I wanted to mark this first Parisian chapter by collecting a selection of pictures from (late 2018) 2019-2021 in a Fanzine. I’m quite proud of this little edition. First of all because it is my first one, and I have the courage to publish it but also because it is a very personal story, and I am very happy to share it through this little edition. The second chapter just started this January 2022

Angele Fourteau's Fanzine

If you want yours, don’t hesitate to contact me on my Instagram: @angelefrt. I’d love to hear your stories too.

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4 thoughts on “From My Window – By Angele Fourteau”

  1. Daniel Castelli

    An enjoyable article to read and view on a rainy Sunday morning. I’ve always enjoyed artistic collages, and the work you published has that mysterious ‘layering’ look. You really need to study your photos to take in all the nuances and details.
    In 2017, we were staying in a small hotel in Holland Park, London. We were on the top floor, and our window view opened up on old chimney stacks. I snaped a shot. They remined me of the original Marry Poppins movie by Disney.


  2. very nice story. The Covid give a chance of this view. Love the idea of finishing a roll qs I do the same , in Paris too.
    Sometime picture take a different meaning…. the plane you catch around june 2000 is an Avro RJ from the airline Cityjet. Quite an unusual altitude for me but I don.t know were you live.
    This company did not survived the covid and the union decision in Airfrance to stop the contract and all pilots and cabin crew were put on unemployment in July so it could be one of their last flight.
    See the power of a picture….

    1. Hy François, I reply in English for our friends here. But the planes pictures were took on the 14th of July parade 😉 each year I can see them from my window except for the Patrouille de France color planes. So that why I can see them super low altitude in Paris.
      Thanks for your comment !

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